II Trobades Literàries
Mediterrànies Albert Camus

32 international speakers | 45 international guests
3 days 12 lectures | 5 round tables


Parallel activities:
photo exhibition, concert,
film screenings and educational programme



© Juan Valbuena Noray. La ancha frontera

II Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus
From 26 to 28 April 2019

In 2019, the II Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus (second Albert Camus Mediterranean Literary Gathering) once again transforms Menorca into a port of refuge and projection for Mediterranean thought. Inspired by culture and its creators, the aim of the gathering is to contribute ideas that will help our societies move towards a peaceful and more just future, establishing greater balance between the shores of the Mediterranean.

At the second Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus, entitled “Under the Sign of Prometheus. The Paths of Revolt”, the audience will share in the exchanges and debates of writers, artists, thinkers, journalists and Camusian experts from the various shores of the Mediterranean, over the course of three days in Sant Lluís.

At this fruitful union between the shores of our sea, between generations and between different artistic disciplines, let us raise our shared cry against the forces of destruction and embark upon the paths of a joint revolt to find, as Camus did, an “invincible summer”.