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The Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus and the Trobades Albert Camus Prize, which have the support of the family of the French-Algerian writer as well as the Camusian Society, are an idea of Miguel Ángel Moratinos – former Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (2004-2010), a diplomat committed to Mediterranean culture – who promotes their organization jointly with Sant Lluis town council.

Both Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus and Trobades Albert Camus Prize share as main objective transforming the town of Sant Lluís in Minorca into an international safe harbour for ideas, a ‘Davos for Culture’.

The Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies Albert Camus is organized every odd two year and runs over three days around a predefined theme, bringing together Camusian experts and contemporary Mediterranean creators – writers, journalists, philosophers, artists. The overarching aim is to bring some order to the confused and uncertain times which the region is currently experiencing.

The Trobades Albert Camus Prize is born to extend the promotion of Menorca as a meeting point and international point of reference for a culture that actively promotes peace and the Mediterranean. It’s awarded on even years, between each celebration of the Trobades, to pay homage to a creator or thinker whose work exposes Mediterranean contemporary challenges. The prize recognizes the personal journey and work of a contemporary creator or thinker who is a witness to and participant in his or her time, as was Albert Camus.

These two events are jointly promoted by the Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies (TLM) Association and the Sant Lluís town council.

With Project Director Sandra Maunac, Sant Lluís cultural services and a team of professionals, work is underway to pay tribute to this “grandson of exiles”, with the aim of exploring the myriad issues present today.


Head of  the project
Miguel Ángel Moratinos

Sant Lluis Town Hall
Education & Culture Councillor
Maria Teresa Martínez Martínez
Coordination of Culture and the Albert Camus Multipurpose Hall
Virginia Seguí Ferrer

Direction & Content
Sandra Maunac

Scientific Committee
Michel Barré
Fernando Fuentes

Nerea García

Carlos Domínguez

Javier Martín Domínguez
Sonia Tercero Ramiro
María Arcenegui

Social network
Miriam Zabalegui

Editing and revision
Lucía Sesma

Jordi Cerdà

David Arquimbau

Making of
Ingrid Fochs
Clara Domenech
Nelson Teles
Ana Haro

Paula González Fernández/ Univerbum
Mathilde Grange
Samantha Grange
Marion Berger
Macarena Burgos
Michel Bourret Guasteví





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