Mathias Enard

In Menorca, on May 13th 2022, the jury of the III Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus, composed of Judit Carrera, acting as president, along with Anne Prouteau, Ahmed Ghazali, Elia Suleiman and Laura Fernández, has unanimously decided to award the prize to

Mathias Enard

For his tireless search, his constant exploration, through literature, of what unites us as human beings. For being a voice full of voices, cultures and times that, through fiction, nourishes a universal humanism.

Mathias Enard was born in France in 1972. He is a writer and translator. After studying Arabic and Persian and spending long periods of time in the Middle East, he settled in Barcelona in 2000. He is the author of a dozen novels and has been awarded several prizes.

The jury values his ambitious work, which stems from an unprejudiced erudition that constantly invites empathy and knowledge, through a singular language and a transforming originality that testify to his profound commitment to the world. In this sense, the jury considers him heir to the thought of Albert Camus, capable of broadening, through literature, the shared space between cultures.

Judit Carrera, President
Anne Prouteau, Ahmed Ghazali, Elia Suleiman and Laura Fernández