Rehab Eldalil

The II Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus Incipiens aims to be a platform for the dissemination of projects by incipient authors who share Albert Camus’ mission to “give voice to the voiceless”.

For its second edition, the jury composed of Rasha Salti, Gumersindo Lafuente, and Paolo Woods, who met on 12 May 2022, awarded the Prize to Rehab Eldalil for her project The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken.

The jury was particularly impressed with the singularity of Rehab Eldalil’s approach, the use of multiple expressive languages to inspire our imagination, combining images, texts, embroidery and multimedia to immerse the viewer into the worlds of the Bedouin community to which she claims belonging. Through intriguing compositions and open-ended images, the viewer discovers the lived experience of the Bedouin community of North Sinai, rather than consuming them.

The Bedouins of Egypt dwell in invisibility, shrouded by the indifference of the media, and abandoned by the state. They are furthermore disenfranchised because of negative stereotyping. When Rehab Eldalil uses the first person she is bridging over the gap of marginalization, but also joining the political with the intimate to defy prejudice, in short, resonating eloquently with Camusian poetics.

Rehab Eldalil (Egypt, 1989) graduated in Photography from Helwan University (Cairo) in 2011 and holds other degrees from the UK and the ICP in the USA. She has received numerous prestigious grants and awards.

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