Francesc M. Rotger

(Bilbao, 1961) He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History. He is a journalist and theater critic. He has been a theatric actor, author and technician and has directed culture sections, supplements, programs and books in print media, radio and television, both in Spanish and Catalan. He coordinates the culture supplement Bellver in the Diario de Mallorca newspaper and writes theatrical reviews for that same journal. He is a correspondent and member of the editorial board of Primer Acto and directs and hosts the literature section Cotiledònia at the radio station Ona Mediterrània. He has published books on theater, literature, art and history, among them, Albert Camus i les Balears (Documenta Balear, 2014) as the coordinator, with prologue by Carme Riera. He is tutor professor at the Associated Center of the Balearic Islands belonging to the UNED (National Distanced Education University) and has coordinated lecture and projection series and courses. He edits the virtual pages Any Llull and Club Camus.