Guy Basset

After studying Philosophy at Paris X Nanterre University and a two-year stay in Izmir, Turkey, Guy Basset focused on the industrial world. In parallel to his career in Human Resources, he has published many articles concerning the works of Albert Camus and the intellectual milieu in Algiers between 1880 and 1970. He has given lectures in Algeria, Tunis, Jordan, Spain and Italy. He also participated in the Dictionary l’Algérie et la France, (Jeannine Verdès-Leroux ed.) and Dictionnaire Albert Camus (Jean Yves Guérin ed.), published in the Bouquins Collection.

He has also published papers on the Solitaires and nuns of Port Royal and is the author of several bibliographies, mainly in the philosophic realm.

Administrator of the Society of Camusian Studies from its creation, and the first editor of the Présence d’Albert Camus Review, in May of 2016 he defended a thesis on compendiums at the New Sorbonne Paris 3 University.