Hélène Rufat

Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, a large part of her work focuses on Mediterranean image and myths in Albert Camus’ work. She is currently a member of the board at the Society of Camusian Studies and belongs to the board of the Présence d’Albert Camus Review. Recently, her works have focused more particularly on Camus’ links to Spain and his libertarian aspects (see  Anthropos Review number 199, Dictionnaire Albert Camus, Pourquoi Camus, etc.). She is also a member of two compared literature associations (SELGYC and REELC), and belongs to two research groups (GRITIM and GRIPES) with which she develops her work around literary representations of cultural diversities, multiple identities and human values, often linked to exile, focusing more specifically on the French-speaking authors of the “litérature-monde”.