Javier Reverte

Javier Reverte is a writer from Madrid, author of novels, travel books and collections of poems, in all, some thirty works. Among them, The Time of Heroes (2013) and, in the travel genre, Trilogía de África (The Africa Trilogy). His most recent work is New York, New York… (2016). Some of Reverte’s works speak of the author’s search for the origins of a great author’s work or his research of the settings where the first book was written and part of the author’s life took place, a sort of live biography. He has followed the steps of classical Greeks (Heart of Ulysses), Joseph Conrad (Vagabond in Africa) and Jack London (The River of Light).

In April of 2016, he published Man of Two Worlds that follows the childhood of Albert Camus and those works conceived within the framework of his origins as a man and a writer.