Jesús Maraña

He started his professional career in 1981 in the Politics section of the Informaciones Newspaper. In 1983, he joined the TV programme Si yo fuera presidente at TVE. He then worked at the news program Hora Cero and, as a reporter, forYa  Newspaper In 1985, he started his career in general information weekly publications as an editor for the Tiempo Review. In 1988, he took part in the founding of the Tribuna de actualidad Review At the beginning of 1995, he returned to daily journalism as the editor-in-chief of El Mundo Newspaper, where he then coordinated the weekly economic supplement Su Dinero, until he was designated head of the Politics section. In 1999, he joined the managing team ofInterviú Magazine. Later that year, he took on the management of the magazine. In 2002, he was appointed Review Editorial Manager of the Grupo Zeta Communication Group. In February 2005, he took on the management of the weekly publication TIEMPO. In September 2007, he joined the founding team of Público Newspaper.Since March of 2013, he is the editorial head of the new digital paper infoLibre.esand the monthly paper publication tintaLibre, a project of independent journalism promoted by journalists coming from different media and associated to the French digital paper Mediapart.

For years, he has been participating in radio and TV political debates. Currently, he participates in the debate programmes Al Rojo Vivo, Más Vale Tarde and La Sexta Noche, on  La Sexta Tv Channel.