Josefina Salord

Josefina Salord Ripoll (Ciutadella 1955), philologist and historian of culture, has developed an intense activity at the Minorcan Institute of Studies, where she is currently the scientific coordinator, at the Ateneu in Maó Cultural Center and at the Artistic Circle of Ciutadella. Recognized with several academic designations and cultural awards outside Minorca, she has focused her research and divulgation on Minorcan cultural history through numerous studies, articles and editions on the movements and relevant figures of the Enlightenment, the Renaissance and the Nineteenth century. She has also contributed to an interpretation of the work of Albert Camus from the perspective of his Minorcan origin, participating in various conferences with texts such as “Albert Camus, the Man and the Work from the Algerian Minorquity” (2005); in the international colloquium Discourse of Freedom: A. Camus, The Artist and his Time with “The Minorcan Roots of Albert Camus: between the anecdotic fact and the literary category” (2011) and in the collective work Albert Camus i les Balears with “The Algerian Minorquity in the Life and Work of Albert Camus” (Sintes) (2014), in addition to taking part in the documentary Amour de vivre (2010), directed by Luis Ortas, and coordinating in Minorca the commemoration events of the centenary of the birth of Albert Camus in 2013.