Juan Manuel Bonet

Juan Manuel Bonet (Paris, 1953) is a writer, art and literary critic.
He took up the position of director of the Instituto Cervantes on 27 January 2017, after having led the Instituto Cervantes in Paris between 2012 and 2017. He has previously served as director of the IVAM (the Valencian Institute of Modern Art), and of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Spain’s national museum of contemporary art) in Madrid, and chair of the Rafael Cansinos Assens Archive Foundation and of the International Committee of the Vicente Huidobro Foundation.
He is the author of: several poetry books, which have recently been collated in Via Labirinto; the journal La ronda de los días; the reference work Diccionario de las vanguardias en España (1907-1936), accompanied by Impresos de vanguardia en España (1912-1936); a book on Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Ramón en su Torreón; critical editions of, among others, Max Aub, Salvador Dalí, José María Eguren and Rafael Lasso de la Vega; and monographs on, among others, Juan Gris, Ramón Gaya, Gerardo Rueda, Martín Chirino, Pelayo Ortega and Miguel Galano.
He has been curator of numerous exhibitions about the surrealism and avant-garde; of retrospectives of, among others, Mariano Fortuny, Pablo Picasso or Juan Gris. He has also curated exhibitions on photographers (José Manuel Ballester, Javier Campano, Francesc Catalá Roca or Bernard Plossu), writers (Rafael Alberti, Max Aub or Julio Cortázar), politicians (Juan Negrín) and composers (Morton Feldman, Ricardo Viñes).