Maïssa Bey

After studying French modern literature at university and the Algiers Higher Normal School, Maïssa Bey spent a long time teaching French at a high school before becoming a pedagogic advisor in Sidi-Bel-Abbès, Algeria, where she lives. Co-founder of an Algerian women’s association, “Paroles et écriture” (“Words and Writing”), for a long time she hosted writing and reading workshops in a library founded by the association with the support of the European Commission. She writes theater plays, and her work has been translated into several languages (English, German, Italian, Swedish). Several of her texts have been turned into theatrical adaptations by French and Algerian directors. She has been granted several literary awards in France, along with the Algerian Booksellers Prize in 2005 for her works. In 2008, she was awarded the first SILA Grand Prize of French Language Novel (Algier’s International Book Fair) for her novel Pierre Sang Papier ou Cendre. Her novel Puisque mon cœur est mort was granted Maghreb Méditerranée of the ADELF (Association of Writers in French Language) award in 2011.