Manuel Vicent

Manuel Vicent won the Alfaguara Award in 1966 for “Pascua y naranjas” (Easter and Oranges), the Nadal Award in 1986 for “Balada de Caín” (Cain’s Ballad), and the Alfaguara Award again in 1999 for “Son de mar” (Sound of the Sea). He has also published “Tranvía a la Malvarrosa” (Tram to Malvarrosa), “Jardín de Villa Valeria” (Villa Valeria’s Garden) – both published along with “Contra Paraíso” (Against Paradise) in the volume “Otros días, otros juegos” (Another Day, Another Game) -, “Los mejores relatos” (The Best Tales), “Las horas paganas” (Pagan Hours), “La novia de Matisse” (Matisse’s Girlfriend), “Cuerpos sucesivos” (Successive Bodies), “Verás el cielo abierto” (You’ll See the Open Sky), “Viajes, fábulas y otras travesías” (Travels, Fables and other Journeys), “Comer y beber a mi manera” (Eating and Drinking My Way), “León de ojos verdes” (Green-Eyed Lion), “Póquer de ases” (Poker of Aces), “Mitologías” (Mythologies) and “Últimos mohicanos” (The Last Mohicans). A usual collaborator at El País, a selection of his articles is published in “Nadie muere la víspera” (No One Dies the Night Before). His novels “Aguirre, el magnífico” (Aguirre, the Magnificent), “El azar de la mujer rubia” (A Blond Woman’s Luck) and “Desfile de ciervos” (Deer Parade) make up what he calls an “Iberian Tableau”. In 2017, he published the novel “La regata” (The Regatta) and a new edition of “Antitauromaquia” (Against Bullfighting) together with El Roto.