Bernard Guetta

Bernard Guetta (Boulogne-Billancourt, 1951). Journalist specializing in geopolitics, he has also published several works on international relations and has received six journalism awards, among them the Prix Albert Londres and the European Press Prize.

Formerly France’s most-listened-to commentator, as a geopolitical journalist with France Inter for 27 years, Bernard Guetta has recently embarked upon a round-the-world trip in 10 books. The first volume, which will be on sale in bookshops late March 2019, is devoted to central Europe since the fall of communism. As a correspondent for Le Monde in the 1980s in Vienna, Warsaw, Washington and Moscow, Bernard Guetta covered the saga of Solidarity – the Polish trade union –, Ronald Reagan’s ‘conservative revolution’, perestroika and the collapse of Sovietism. In the 1990s, he was managing editor of magazine L’Expansion, and later, of Le Nouvel Observateur.

His three latest books, published in French, are: L’An I des révolutions arabes (2012), Intime conviction, Comment je suis devenu européen (2014) and Dans l’ivresse de l’Histoire, Mémoires sans frontières (2017).