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Cristina Morales

Cristina Morales (Granada, 1985). Law and political sciences graduate; specialist in international relations. She is the author of the novels Los combatientes (winner of the 2012 Premio INJUVE de Narrativa, awarded by the Spanish government’s Institute for Youth); Malas palabras; Terroristas modernos; and Lectura fácil (winner of the 2018 Premio Herralde de Novela, an annual literary prize awarded by Spanish publishing house Anagrama).

This latest book is a battlefield, fighting against monogamous white heteropatriarchy, against institutional and capitalist rhetoric, against activism dressed up as “alternative” in order to shore up the status quo. The novel also celebrates the body and sexuality; desire for and between women; dignity in those affected by the stigma of disability; and the transgressive and revolutionary capacity of language. Lectura fácil confirms Cristina Morales as one of the most powerful, creative, unconventional and innovative voices in Spanish literature today.

Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary magazines. She was awarded the Monserrat Roig writing grant in 2017, a grant from the Han Nefkens Foundation in 2015, and a grant from the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Artists in 2007. She is a member of contemporary dance company Iniciativa Sexual Femenina.