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Jacques Ferrandez

Jacques Ferrandez (Algiers, 1955). Graphic novelist.

The ‘reunion’ between Jacques Ferrandez and Albert Camus was inevitable. Ferrandez grew up and studied in Nice, at the École Nationale des Arts décoratifs; in 1987, with the publication of his Carnets d’Orient, he emerged as a specialist on the Algerian question. His roots feed his oeuvre. While he has been known on occasions to depart from this topic to visit Pagnol, crime fiction or gastronomy, his pencils keep bringing him back to the country where he was born.

The spirit of Albert Camus, who was his grandmother’s neighbour in Algiers, was ever-present in his family memories and then firmly established itself when Ferrandez discovered the novel The Guest. Catherine Camus, daughter of the writer, knew of Ferrandez’s work and allowed him to adapt the text; the graphic novel was published in 2009. Then followed The Stranger published in 2014 in English, and his latest is The First Man, Camus’s unfinished novel found in his bag in the car accident that cost him his life in 1960.