Luis García Montero

Luis García Montero (Granada, 1958). Poet, novelist, essayist, professor of Spanish literature and, since July 2018, director of the Instituto Cervantes. He is a professor at the University of Granada, where he has held various positions, such as head of the Secretariat for University Extension.

For his work as a poet, novelist and essayist he has received a number of awards, including the Premio Nacional de Literatura (1994), the Premio Nacional de la Crítica (2003), the Premio del Gremio de Libreros de Madrid (2009), the Premio Poetas del Mundo Latino (Mexico, 2010), the Premio Ramón López Velarde (Mexico, 2017) and the Premio Paralelo 0 (Ecuador, 2018). He has studied the work of Spanish and Latin American authors such as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Rosalía de Castro, Rafael Alberti, Federico García Lorca, Luis Rosales, Rubén Bonifaz Nuño, Francisco Ayala and José Emilio Pacheco. He is also an honorary professor at the University of Mar del Plata (Argentina), and in 2017 he was recognized as a “Favourite Son of Andalusia”, the highest distinction granted by this autonomous community.

He continues to publish works of poetry, as well as essays on Spanish literature. In addition, he has written several novels, the most recent being Una forma de resistencia (A form of resistance), published in 2012.