Michel Barré

Michel Barré (Saint-Nazaire,1940) taught Classical Literature in France first, then in Beirut, Tunis, Casablanca and Madrid.

Having known Algeria when he was 20 at a crucial point in that country’s history, he feels for it the same emotional attachment that he does for Camus’ works, and both have always accompanied him.

Under Paul Viallaneix’ direction, he carried out researches on Albert Camus and the Classics before dedicating himself, in Madrid for eighteen years, and in parallel with his work as a teacher, to directing numerous theater pieces and the creation of a high school Theater Festival open to the Iberian Peninsula and troops from other parts (France, Greece, Morocco, Portugal). Among other pieces, he staged The State of Siege in Madrid at the French Institute, and then in 1997 and 1998, at the Cartoucherie de Vincennes.

He currently chairs the Amnesty International group in Cannes and is the scientific advisor to the Trobades.