Olga Rodríguez

Olga Rodríguez (León, 1975) is a journalist and writer, specializing in international information and human rights.

She has worked for TV and radio broadcasters Cadena SER, Cuatro and CNN+; and has been a contributor to newspapers Público, El País and El Periódico, and to radio station RNE. She is a co-founder of online newspaper

She has covered some of the most important events of the last twenty years in the Middle East, such as the second Palestinian intifada, the invasion of Iraq, the conflict in Afghanistan, the Arab uprisings, and the refugee crisis. In addition, she has been a reporter or special correspondent in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, the United States and Mexico; and has also focused on social issues in Spain.

She has written a number of books, including El hombre mojado no teme la lluvia (The wet man does not fear the rain) and Yo muero hoy: Las revueltas en el mundo árabe (Today I die: The Arab world uprisings).

She has won numerous accolades for her journalism, including the 2018 Premio “Honoris Causa” Pimentel Fonseca in Italy; and in Spain, the Premio Periodista Enfocada Lupa (2016), the Premio Periodismo Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de España (2015), the Premio Enfoque de Periodismo (2014), the Premio Club Internacional de la Prensa al Mejor Trabajo Informativo (2006), the Pluma de la Paz (2005), the Premio Turia (2003) for her work from Baghdad, the Premio Ortega y Gasset group award (2003), and the Premio Ondas group award (2002).