Pedro Olalla

Pedro Olalla (Oviedo, 1966). Writer, Hellenist, professor, translator and filmmaker. He counts the title of Ambassador of Hellenism among the major awards he has received in recognition of his oeuvre and his efforts to promote Greek culture.
He has published more than 30 works as an author, translated into different languages, and a large number of translations and journalistic articles. For more than 30 years, he has maintained a strong relationship with Greece, where his journey with Hellenism began and where he settled in 1994. His literary and audiovisual works –which explore and reveal Greek and humanist culture through a combination of literary, visual and scientific elements using a distinctly personal language– have won him the recognition of numerous institutions, such as the Academy of Athens, the A. S. Onassis Foundation and Harvard University.

In relation to society, through his writings, initiatives, lectures and public speaking, the author actively defends greater citizen participation in political decision-making and in the definition of common interests.

His website gives a comprehensive overview of Olalla’s work, as well as opinion articles on the current situation in Greece: