Martine Mathieu-Job

Martine Mathieu-Job (Blida, 1952) is professor emeritus at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne and a member of the Society of Camusian Studies. She is the author of several essays on colonial and postcolonial literature of the Maghreb and the Indian Ocean.

She has published over fifteen articles on the work of Albert Camus in international and French journals and has contributed to several lexical entries in the Dictionnaire Camus (Robert Laffont, 2009), including “Algérie”, “École d’Alger”, “Écriture blanche” and “L’Énigme”. Her latest colloquia include “Albert Camus: a philosophy in images”, at Albert Camus in the 20th century, Jinan University, Guangzhou, December 18-19, 2019; “Albert Camus during the Occupation: Clandestine Writing”, at Expressions littéraires et arts du spectacle and “Cinema under the German Occupation”, at Nagoya University, March 2, 2020.

With Jean-Pierre Bénisti, she co-directed Albert Camus. Correspondance avec ses amis Bénisti. 1934-1958 (Bleu autour, 2019). Her latest book is Mon cher Albert. Lettre à Camus (Elyzad, 2021).