Nuccio Ordine

Nuccio Ordine (Diamante, 1958) is a philosopher, professor of Italian literature at the University of Calabria and one of the leading contemporary experts on the Renaissance and Giordano Bruno’s thought.

He has been a visiting professor at many centres and universities such as Yale, Paris IV-Sorbonne, CESR in Tours, IEA in Paris, the Warburg Institute and the Max Planck Institute in Berlin. He is also a member of the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He is an honorary member of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. He received six honorary doctorates and was awarded the Legion d’Honneur by the President of the French Republic.

His books have been translated into many languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian. The Usefulness of the Useless (Paul Dry Books, 2017) was translated into English. Other titles of note include: Clásicos para la vida. Una pequeña biblioteca ideal (Acantilado, 2017), El umbral de la sombra (Siruela, 2008), Los retratos de Gabriel García Márquez. Repetición y diferencia (Universidad de San Buenaventura, 2018) and Una escuela para la vida (Universidad de Valparaíso, 2018).