Albert Camus is an international symbol of rebellion, justice and humanism. His thought has inspired generations and, in a world now as turbulent as the one in which he lived, he can help us understand one another better and re-establish a Mediterranean region that will once again become a cultural paradigm in the global landscape.

Thus we invoke the figure of Albert Camus to identify Menorca with his vast literary and philosophical legacy and define the island as an international point of reference.

The Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus project the image of a cultural Menorca, a host port for debates, dialogues and ideas that can help create a space for coexistence rooted in social justice and based upon mutual knowledge and the respect that this generates.

This is how the Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus have become an annual rendez-vous of international thought leadership, with Albert Camus as our beacon to guide a present tailored to the human being.


1- Promote Sant Lluís, Maó and the island of Menorca as a host port for ideas, creativity, and critical debate with international relevance.

2- Help Menorca become the “Davos of Culture”, a cultural counterpoint to the economic thought of the Swiss village, in order to revive the “Meridian Thought” («la pensée de midi») and the Mediterranean.

3- Put people who promote reflection and culture at the center of the social debate, which is essential to building a prosperous and peaceful future for all.

4- Establish the relevance of Albert Camus’ thought and its alignment with his personal trajectory. Celebrate his importance today in constant dialogue with the present.

5- Explore Albert Camus’ legacy at the intersection of diverse creative disciplines and open dialogue between them.