For a engaged journalism

In 2020, a new prize was created for emerging careers in journalism (text, photography and illustration). This prize aims to become a platform for the dissemination of projects that show a way of doing journalism that dialogues with the premises of Albert Camus and his way of living “the most beautiful profession in the world.

The Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus Incipiens is held in even-numbered calendar years, between each year of the Trobades. It is awarded to an early-career author whose journalistic research and reflection proposal (graphic, photographic or written text) is aligned to the themes of the upcoming Trobades – this year under the motto “Les lieux du monde”. Through its own prism, the proposed work should in some way relate to the interpretation of Albert Camus’s journalism.

The call for this prize is restricted to the candidatures proposed by our satellites (nominators).

The objectives of the prize are:

1 | To publicize journalistic projects in development in the Mediterranean basin.

2 | To give international visibility to authors at the beginning of their career.

3 | To enhance the dialogue from the present time with the thought of Albert Camus.

4 | To create links between authors from different countries who are working in parallel, in different disciplines.

5 | To project the island of Menorca as a port for ideas, for critical debate with international relevance.

The Premi Mediterrani Albert Camus Incipiens is a unique prize, it is awarded to a single person. The prize is materialized in the production of a book or an exhibition, depending on the characteristics of the awarded work; and in the diffusion of the same one in the habitual channels of the Trobades, and in the participation and presentation of the Project in the frame of the 2023 season.

Members of the jury



The Hague (Netherlands), 1970. Photographer, director, curator and teacher. He mainly works on long-term projects combining photography with investigative journalism.



Madrid (Spain), 1957. Journalism Graduate, Universidad Complutense de Madrid



Toronto (Canada), 1969. Rasha Salti is a researcher, writer, curator and programmer in visual arts and independent film. She lives and works in Berlin.