Photo: Amina Menia

Mustapha Benfodil

Relizane, Algeria, 1968

Mustapha Benfodil is a writer and journalist. He lives and works in Algiers, where he is a reporter for daily newspaper El Watan. He has covered events in a number of Arab world countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco. From his coverage of the Iraq War, in 2003 he published an account entitled Les Six derniers jours de Bagdad: Journal d’un voyage de guerre. He has also reported from Mali, Venezuela, the United States, and various European countries. In addition, Mustapha Benfodil has carried out investigations into harragas – clandestine migrants who burn their papers and flee to Europe – and other migration issues; youth; rural society; farming communities; slum-dwellers; self-immolation; and social movements. Since the popular uprising began in Algeria on 22 February 2019, he has regularly been reporting on the protests in the columns of El Watan and on his blog.

As a writer, Mustapha Benfodil’s protean body of work comprises novels, poetry, drama and essays. His latest novel, Alger, journal intense, was published recently by Macula (Paris).