Sophie Dufau

France, 1960

Sophie Dufau is a journalist at Mediapart. After a few months at Radio France, she moved on to French newspaper Libération. She spent 17 years there, first as editorial secretary and then as deputy editor-in-chief responsible for the daily publication and for the design of supplements and special editions. In 2002, she left Libération to join Les Inrockuptibles, where she was assistant editor. She left the weekly cultural magazine in 2005 to devote her time to investigative writing for publishing house Albin Michel: Le naufrage de la psychiatrie was published in 2006; and Nos chères 35 heures came out in 2008. It was in this same year that she joined Edwy Plenel and François Bonnet at the creation of French news website Mediapart. In addition to running the team, over the years she has introduced two weekly events to the site: she is responsible for the publication of the Portfolios feature and for the scheduling of the full-length Documentaries feature.

In parallel, she has taught in some of France’s state-run journalism schools: the School of Journalism at the University of Strasbourg (1995–2015) and the Bordeaux Aquitaine Institute of Journalism (since 2016).

She lives in Paris.