About us

The Trobades & Premis Mediterranis Albert Camus enjoy the support of the Camusian Society and the family of the French-Algerian writer and have their blessing to use the Camus name.

These two programs are jointly promoted by the Trobades Literàries Mediterrànies (TLM) Association and the Sant Lluís town council.

Project Director Sandra Maunac, Sant Lluís cultural services and a team of professionals are working to pay tribute to this “grandson of exiles”, with the aim of exploring myriad issues that are also present today.

Miguel Ángel Moratinos

Direction & Content
Sandra Maunac

Carlos A. Domínguez

Sant Lluis Town Hall
Carol Marquès
Culture and sustainability Adviser
Débora Marqués
Coordination of Culture and the Albert Camus Multipurpose Hall
Virginia Seguí Ferrer

Scientific Committee
Michel Barré
Fernando Fuentes
Lucía Sesma

Coordination Premi Incipiens
Mariona Fernández

Nerea García

Javier Martín Domínguez
David Baret

Public Relations
Baret consultors / David Baret  & Anna Pasquina

Social Media
Miriam Zabalegui

Jordi Cerdà

David Arquimbau

Making of
Ingrid Fochs
Ana Haro
Clara Domènech

Editing and Revising
Paula Gonzalez / Univerbum
Ana Haro
Carlota Fluxá
Isabel Moratinos

Carlota Fluxá
Samuel Carreras
Isabel Moratinos
Paula González Fernández / Univerbum
Sara Bourghiba

Simultaneous Interpretation
Traductores del Sur / Francisco José Merino

Production, Hospitality, Drivers
Carlos Marino Coello
Marc Perez Capdevilla
Fanny Chaillan
Tara Camacho González
Amal Zaccour
Antonio Muñoz Benito

Technical team
Acústic Menorca / Santi Anglada y Rafel Casasnovas

Travel agency
Viatges Magon / Marina Juanico

Menorca Transfers Services / Juan Francisco Gómez Cañete

Estudio Tecnográfico / Kike Sastre Vidal
Gráficas Menorca

Bonita Menorca S.L