Trobades Albert Camus 2017 videos

Presentations / Opening of the Gathering

About Ithaca

Return to the Origins: Mother and Grandmother

The «Odyssean» Journey of Camus

Exile, Nostos and Homeland

Camus, Actor and Witness of his Time

Which Ithaca for the Inhabitants of the Mediterranean Today?

Restraint and Excess; The “Meridian Thought» “ («la pensée de Midi»)

Which “Camusian Buoys” can Guide Us and Pave the Way to a Calm Future?

Current Meaning of the Ancient Myths Camus Rrefers to

Creator Sun

Thoughts on the Mediterranean; What Lights For the World?

Conclusions- End of the Gathering

Video summary I Trobades Albert Camus 2017

Video presentation I Trobades Albert Camus 2017